Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend recovery report

I've been elevating my foot all weekend, and it has finally shrunk down to the original size.
It's easier to see the actual damage now, and I'm confident that if I just take it easy on the leg this week, I won't even notice the injury by the week after.
I also managed to catch a bit of a snivelly cold from one of my brothers, so I'm taking Monday night off too (tonight) as I have no interest in spreading a germ around the gym.

I intend to go to MT training tomorrow night, and you can expect a full report on that as soon as is practical.


  1. Hope yer foot heals up, man. And did I read right and are you in Massachusetts? (If so, holy shit, where do you train?)

  2. Hehe nope, not in Ma, I'm In Hobart, Tasmania, Australia :)

    My foot is much better now (not yet 100% but soon)

  3. Ooooooooooooookay so I'm actually moving closer to you! I'm moving to Southern Thailand for a year to teach and HOPEFULLY (Oh dear Lords of Kobol hopefully) train.