Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BJJ training report

So I just got home from a double-feature of MMA fundamentals, (1 hr) followed by Jujutsu no-gi (1.5 hrs).

I actually pulled a bit of a dick move tonight. There was this little guy I was rolling with, and he was literally hanging on for dear life whenever I tried to pass guard, so I decided to instead lean my body weight onto his chest, at which he winced, and I planted my forearm in the gap between his collarbone and chin. This pressure on his windpipe/trachea wasn't causing him to tap, but I was really in no danger in that position at that moment, so I basically just stalled, pushing my weight onto his chest and neck, and the reason I'm calling it a dick move is because I should really have been looking for some better opportunities for submission, not just causing pain because I couldn't work my game.

So I've recently been training with a rashguard as opposed to the sweats I used to wear, and after this experience, I never want to use anything other than a rashguard again, as they are so marvellous at keeping your core temperature down, enabling you to train better for longer.

This is me getting crushed by my evil twin, a BJJ blue-belt called Nick.

This is me landing an Uchi-Mata, though hardly picture perfect :D In addition, this picture, it's on for young and old!

Tomorrow night I have Thai Boxing again, and MMA full contact sparring. More then!

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