Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MT training report, Tuesday April 5


So I just got back from Muay Thai tonight, and had an excellent session. Truly worked my ass off, and suffered no injuries, not even niggles!

We started with the regular 3 rounds of skipping for 5 mins per round, 30 second rests.
I actually quite like the skipping, because it's all it takes for me to get almost completely warmed up and loose. Also, due to my early life boxing experience, I'm really comfortable with technical skipping (alternating feet, switching single and double time for 15 seconds per minute.)

Owing to my uncanny size, people seeing me skipping proficiently (I'm better at skipping than several of the other more experienced fighters) really turns a few heads, so it's also a nice way to not be seen as a total noob by the other total noobs.

So after our skipping, we start our basic strength workout.
We alternate rounds of push-ups and sit-ups, 10 and 10, 9 and 9, etc, and once we are done with the basic calisthenic stuff, we suit up into our gear.

Usual gear setup for our MT class:

focus pads
large kick pad
thai pads
12-16 oz gloves.
shinguards (optional)

Since a minor injury I suffered, now I ALWAYS train with shinguards on, even when I'm doing Jujutsu. I also don't use 16 oz gloves, I use 4 oz gloves. My trainer is happy enough for me to use these, as he understands my MMA focus, rather than being concerned with MT alone.

Occasionally when I'm sparring with someone for the first time, etc - they see what gloves I am using and their eyes bug out, and ask me why I'm using MMA gloves instead of Boxing gloves, I explain that they are my insurance policy against irresponsible training partners, and most people have a good chuckle about this.
Nobody has been cut yet, so I think I am capable of training safely with a nice level of contact still.

Also, I ALWAYS have a really good night when my drill/sparring partner has great communication. I also love to give feedback while I'm on the focus pads: "That one was great, remember to keep your left hand up though" or alternatively, just punch them in the face after the combo, to make sure they are keeping their guard up, it just depends on who I'm working with.

So tonight, I had a great drill partner, and we both pushed each other to train hard, and well. This is my favourite kind of session. About the only thing that can improve my night after such a good drilling practice, is when I manage to block my trainer's left hook.

He hits about 7/8 left hooks on virtually EVERYONE he spars with.
He has a dynamite hook.
This one particular favourite combo of his is actually 3 left hooks in a row. It's fukken fierce.

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