Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First post.

So, essentially I'm reposting this from Bullshido.net

The Training log section on bullshido.net is only accessible to those of us with Supporting member status or above, so I'm reposting this here to share with the other bullshido members without this access, and indeed anybody else who is training in, or interested in training in MMA.

So without further embellishment, Here is the start of the log!

My serious bizness MMA training Log. Progress photos included.
Alright. So, I've been a member of the site long enough for most people to have a basic idea of my MA experience.

For those who aren't so familiar, it essentially contains a ton of Aikido, Judo, and to a lesser degree, Boxing.

When I became a member of this site back in 2004, I ceased my Aikido training (based laregely on my Martial Arts re-education through bullshido.net and it is many of you to whom I am grateful for this).

Skip ahead to the future, (the present) and I am now one month deep back into serious training after a long break due to personal issues.

Ok. So now that I am happy in my training routine and nicely settled - I thought it would be a good opportunity to start a training log here.

My week looks like this:
Monday: [Judo]* MMA fundamentals, BJJ
Tuesday: [MMA full contact sparring]*, Muay Thai
Wednesday: MMA fundamentals, BJJ
Thursday: [MMA full contact sparring]*, Muai Thai
Friday: [Judo]* MMA fundamentals, BJJ

Saturday: Wrestling (haven't started wrestling yet)
Sunday: Open Mat

*I'm starting the full contact MMA classes next week, and will then alternate MMA and Judo nights.

I'm currently unemployed. (ahem, I mean I'm a musician) and as a result I have TONS of time at present.
The most recent training development for me is that I have finally gotten some of my younger brothers interested in training.

So, I have MMA full contact sparring tonight (which I will only watch, unless I'm bullied into participating - I decided when I started that I would give myself a full month in everything else before I did the really hardcore stuff.) and then afterwards, I have Muay Thai.

I'll Post about tonights training once I'm done, and start adding my progress photos.

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