Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muay Thai report (sorry no MMA tonight)

Another good night.

I actually made it to class a little late, and as a result I missed out on the skipping rounds. No matter :P I'll make up for it at home tomorrow with some dance dance revolution or something.

We started with a basic kick drill. 10 kicks on right leg, then 10 on left leg, then 9 and 9, down to 1. This really got the abs caning! I'm starting to get better with my kicking technique, being able to throw much looser (and therefore faster) kicks, with the nice heavy pendulum swinging type kick. If you can keep your leg loose when it connects, it actually results in a better power strike too, as it becomes much easier to 'push off' after the kick, and reload into a position where you can deliver another strike.

The first drill was the basic one-two-four. This is a jab, cross, then right kick to the body. Next up was jab-cross-hook into either knee or kick, depending where you ended up after the hook. (we are encouraged to move around alot while drilling, with the intention of getting better at finding our range.) Next was a low left leg kick, followed by a switch left kick/knee to the body, and finally a round elbow or cross. (we just went with whatever felt right). The last drill was a freestyle type scenario, where the guy holding the focus pads would call out the combo, and then we would do the combo, then pad guy calls another one out.

Finally, sparring.

I took it pretty easy sparring tonight, doing my best to focus on a nice loose posture and nice fast, technical kicking. (improving my round kick technique was my personal goal for the evening).
I sparred first with my drilling partner (pretty standard practice for me, I like sparring with the person I've just been drilling with) and then one by one made my way around the gym ~12 people at 3 minute rounds each.
My brother Ken came with me tonight too, for his first Muay Thai class. He did great! (he has a history with western boxing also, we trained together as teenagers at a local boxing club)

Fundamentals and Jits tomorrow, report at that time.

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