Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thai Boxing Thursday.

Due to a personal financial crisis, I have been unable to train recently, but I was finally able to return tonight. I really felt that pain of being out and then training again for the first time.

I actually survived the skipping pretty decently, but after the skipping was done, I was already 'well knackered' to use a colloquialism. After the warm up punch and kicking across the mat (in pairs with thai pads) we started on our combo drills. Tonights drills were: jab, cross, hook, shin kick to body - switch front leg round kick to body, cross, uppercut - then switch front knee to grabbing (clinch) right thrusting knee to body.

Soon as we were done with this, we did a two step random striking/blocking drill and then right into sparring.
Sparring was done in three minute rounds with two people in front of everyone else, with one person staying in, and then effectively doing two rounds in a row two people at a time.

Altogether we did about six rounds each. I got pained on.
Now I'm relaxing at home, planning on going tomorrow night. Perhaps I'll go along to the fundamentals course, and decide after that whether I'm feeling up to the gi jujutsu.

More later.