Saturday, June 4, 2011

Workin hard to make a livin'

So, I've been busy recently, and unable to get to training as often as I'd like. But work has to come before training, in this world. This is what I've been working on:

This first one is the bottom floor. Concrete slab. We dug out ALOT of earth here. Very stable foundation.

This is from the second storey. In this photo from left to right: My brothers John and Ken, and on the right is the Builder that we work for, Andy.

Working on the second floor at the moment, we're standing on tru-deck (a composite wooden board commonly used in flooring) fastened to the 8 x 2 inch thick Joices.

This is the second floor again. The black plastic on the left is sealing the air cracks out of the blocked wall we have removed. This was a double-brick in heritage style, and removing the bricks on its own was a full days work for four people.

This large steel beam is at the outermost edge of the wall, which will be used in tandem as a support for the roof, and a mounting for a sliding glass door.

More soon.

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